e246. a Very Star Wars Andor Holiday Special

And now for something a little different to close out this Christmas season. A couple of weeks ago on Twitter, we had a request from listener Jim Roberts to discuss Andor, the latest Star Wars series on Disney+. Only at the time, we were kind of packed with some other shows that we had been working on and then we had the holidays coming and we hadn’t all had the chance to finish it. BUT, we definitely wanted to get to it before the year was over. Well, the year ends this week, so in celebration of … uh… Life Day (or Boxing Day, or the Feast of Stephen or whatever it is you may be celebrating… or just because you may be interested in Star Wars Andor, we bring you a very Andor Holiday Special. On this episode, Hannah, Wayne and Mav are joined by Star Wars scholar John Martin to discuss our thoughts on the series as a whole and break down its more nuanced political and social messages… and also connect it to its most obvious influences… uh… Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black… and probably some Foucault. Hey, this is VoxPopcast… this is what we do. Also, as a bonus, Mav will review the new Lego Star Wars Holiday Special because he watched it just so you don’t have to! Anyway, listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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