e264. Do You Remember Nostalgia? Do You Want To?

We’ve talked about nostalgia on the show before. In fact, we did it all the way back on our second ever episode. Remember that? The thing is, when we usually talk about nostalgia, we’re usually talking about media that is aimed at tickling our appreciation for the familiar and giving us more of something we’ve been demanding. What happens when you produce a nostalgia take on something no one actually wants? On today’s episode, Mav, Monica and Wayne talk about media reboots of films, TV shows and even comics that seem to focus on continuing IP over any type of story or really desire of the fanbase. Disney seems to be very fond of this lately with a succession of “live action reboots” of “classic cartoons” however, with the recent announcement of the reboot of the barely seven-year-old film Moana one has to worry is there any sense to this at all? On this episode we talk it out. Join us and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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