e272. Why Are So Many Superhero Adaptations So Very, Very, Bad?

There certainly are a lot of superheroes adaptations. In fact, some people would say there’s too many. And yet, they just keep coming and coming. In fact, one of them, The Flash, is bombing at the box office right now, all while Across Spider-verse is getting constant acclaim? What makes a superhero adaptation good and what makes one bad? And for that matter, why do people continue to see them if they’re so critical of them? There’s got to be more going on than it seems at first, doesn’t there? On today’s episode Wayne and Mav are joined by superhero media scholars John Darowski and Anna Peppard to talk about superhero adaptations and what makes them work, not work, memorable, forgettable and important. There’s a lot to dig into so join us and let us know what you think in the comments.

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