e279. Is Sucker Punch a Bad Movie?

So the truth is, when we do our “is ____ a bad movie?” episodes, we expect that the listeners are going to be predisposed to say “yes, obviously it sucks. No one cares about that garbage movie” and we are attempting to do kind of a reparative reading of it. That’s what we were expecting when we decided to do an episode about Zach Snyder’s Sucker Punch. However, it turns out that there’s a MUCH larger fandom of the film (at least among our listeners) than we thought. Of course, there’s also a fair share of people who hate it! This was one of the most active blogs that we’ve had in a long time. Some people think it’s garbage and some people think it’s amazing and criminally underrated. Obviously, from the blog, you can see that Monica thinks it’s a powerful feminist lesbian manifesto wrapped up in an anime inspired fever dream. So on this episode she gathers together Mav, as well as returning guests Ayanni Cooper, and Michael Mazzacane, as well as new guest Anthony D’Agostino to make the case that Sucker Punch is a cinematic masterpiece that you should give another chance to. Listen and give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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