e322. 4 Killer Out-of-the-Box X-men Movie Pitches for the MCU

It’s somehow been five years since Disney’s acquisition of Fox and the impending promise therein of having the X-men added into the MCU. While we have … let’s just say feelings… about the idea of a single global megacorportation essentially owning the movie landscape in the US, that is perhaps a show for another day. Today we want to talk about that promise of the X-men. Ever since Kevin Feige announced that the X-men would be folded into the MCU fans have wondered “how” and … we’ve learned very little honestly. There’s been a sprinkle of vague references to mutant content into the MCU here and there, and of course later this summer Deadpool & Wolverine will have… at the very least.. well, Deadpool and Wolverine. But for the most part, five years later, we still don’t know when we really will see the X-men, or who those X-men will be.

In this episode Mav is joined by guests Stephanie Siler and Andrew and Kestra Dorowski to brainstorm their ideal casts and storylines for integrating the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Join us as we each pitch a fill idea for an X-men movie, complete with casts and … let’s say varyingly traditional plot synopses… The discussion covers a range of creative concepts, from courtroom dramas to psychological thrillers, while also delving into the dynamics and relationship conflicts among key characters as well as suggesting actors who could portray the parts. Will you agree? Listen and let us know in the comments below.

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