e323. The Complex Legacy of Barbie: Gender, Fashion & Identity

episode artwork featuring different Barbie dolls over the years.

So how about that Barbie? No, not THAT Barbiewe did a show on the movie last year. No, what we want to talk about is enduring legacy of the concept of Barbie. Starting with the doll and going through to the movie, Barbie is just… always there. Or at least she has been for the last 65 years, ever since entrepreneur Ruth Handler saw a novelty sex doll on a shelf in Germany and said “that’s the perfect toy for little girls!” On this week’s episode we want to talk about WHY Barbie has had such an enduring legacy. So, Monica, Hannah and Mav invited returning guests and doll and toy historians Jehnie Burns and Jonathan Alexandratos to talk all things Barbie from her evolution, to her impact on gender perceptions, collector nostalgia, and queer representation. We also talk about… The X-men and Happy Meals… and more sex toys… it’s a wide ranging conversation. Listen and let us know your thoughts.

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