e30. Monster Mash 2: Breaking Twilight

Way back in August we recorded our first Monster Mash episode where we discussed the place of the Monster and the Monster Hunter in popular culture. That was a great conversation that went all over the place and we swore right then that we would pick it up at a later time. For our final Halloween themed episode of the year, Mav, Wayne and Hannah welcome back Michael Chemers and Heather Duda to pick up where we left off.

From Twilight to Buffy to True Blood, what is the deal with “sexy monsters”? How have we gone from a world where the monster was something that we were supposed to fear and run away from to a world they sparkle and have washboard abs and have sex with teenaged girls? Why do we now love the monster rather than fear them? Or are we still supposed to be afraid of them after all? Twilight is totally a terrifying movie series! Seriously! Join us as we explore the world of the sexy Monster and let us know what you think.

And stick around to the end of the episode to let us know how we should continue this discussion for the NEXT sequel.

Also, if you’re in the United States, VOTE TOMORROW!

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