e43. Sexy Ships & Head Canon

Remember that one time in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where Hermione and Harry had sexy? No? How about that one time in Star Wars where Luke and Leia had sex? You don’t? Really? Well, surely you remember that time in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier where Sam and Steve had sex? Maybe? Ok, what about that time in Star Trek where Kirk and Spock had sex? Ok, yeah! We thought so! Everyone knows that one.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we thought it’d be fun to explore the world of “shipping”. Wayne and Mav are joined by a returning guest, fanfic author Laura JV, to talk about our favorite non-canon ships in media franchises and how they secretly fit into the canon after all. Is it possible for a fan ship to eventually become canon? And even if it doesn’t, can they improve your enjoyment of the story anyway? Join us as we try to work it out.

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