e77. Pop Culture Etiquette

We live in a society and there are rules of polite behavior. But what are those rules? Well, that’s not exactly clear. For the most part the basic ones like saying please and thank you, most of us know. And then there are others like where do you put the forks when setting the table that half of us know and the other half don’t and really none of us care. We pretend to but for the most part it’s just an act. No one has cared that much since like 1955… coincidentally when most of the books and videos that teach you how to do these things were written. And a lot of those are outdated anyway. Not only do they tend to be sexist and racist and problematic in a million other ways, they don’t really explain how to deal with problems of the modern world to us. Like, if you are watching a TV show with your significant others, are you required to wait til they’re available to watch it? Well that’s where we come in. Mav and Hannah bring back their partners Stephanie Siler and Josh Stroud to the show to work through the rules of modern politeness while Wayne laughs at all of them. Join us and let us know what you think.

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