e93. Golden Age of Comics

If you’re at least a casual comic book fan you probably know the terms Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and Modern Age. If you’re a massive comic geek, you probably even know when those ages are. But why do they exist? What’s the relevance of splitting things up like that? What the cultural relevance of the specific ages as well? Somehow, studying comics is a full time job that you can actually get a phd in and teach in comics… but why? Why does anyone care about this nonsense? Mav and Wayne are joined by fellow comic scholars John Darowski and Anna Peppard to talk about the history of the Golden Age of Comics. What was it, and why was it important? And was it actually any good? Join us and let us know if you agree.

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  1. Nice! While superheroes tend to be the genre that’s looked back on the most, I’ve found it’s the sci-fi genre that encouraged some of the most interesting material, at least for the time, having artists like F. Hanks, B. Wolverton,and Munson Paddock, who was especially expressive

  2. You could probably do a podcast on the features and artists from Planet Comics alone. Really got the feeling the creators behind it wanted to do something special beyond simply doing work for a paycheck.

  3. Definitely something to keep in mind. Sci-di comics aren’t my specialty. But sci-fi in general is sort of @JustThatNerdKid’s gig. So maybe we should do a show on the golden age of sci-fi comics and pulps together.

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