e101. Not the Next Big Thing

So first some notes… we’re in a weird place. As we recorded this episode, we were on the cusp of much of America (where all of our hosts are located) just beginning to prepare (too late frankly) for the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Now, as we post this 4 days later, we are deep into it. We address it a bit on the show and try to give a little bit of advice, knowing full well that things could be wildly different by the time the show came out. But that wasn’t the topic of the show. We will should be talking about it quite a bit more on next week’s episode, once we’re a little more prepared for it. In the meantime… while you are… wherever you are, hopefully safely sequestered in your home, social distancing yourself and trying to stay healthy, we hope you enjoy this weeks dose of inane pseudo-academic pop culture analysis with drinking and swearing as Wayne, Hannah and Mav are joined by returning guest Nicole Freim to talk about failed Next Big Things. Why do some pop culture artifacts never catch on? How do some would-be celebrities, books, or inventions get a ton of hype and then quickly fizzle away? These aren’t just one-hit wonders; often they are no-hit wonders. What causes it and why does it matter? Honestly it doesn’t much. But it is amusing to think about. So please join us for a little entertainment while we try to weather the global crisis together. Stay safe everyone.

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