e128. 9 Popular Culture Pet Peeves We Hate and Why

Pop Culture is a double edges sword. The more we love a certain type of media, the more of it we absorb. But the more we absorb, the more we notice some of the tropes that are frequently repeated. And the more we notice those tropes, the more likely we are to eventually get annoyed with them. So in the end, whatever it is you love… ultimately ends up often annoying the hell out of you. On today’s episode, Hannah, Mav, Katya and Wayne get together to discuss the their biggest pet peeves in media. From manic pixie dream girls to killing dogs to love triangles to status quo resets, what are the things that annoy us the most about the stories we read and movies and tv shows we watch and why do they annoy us so much? And if we are that annoyed, then why do we keep coming back? Listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

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