Bad (?) Things We Love (or at least find interesting): Part II

From Hannah: Almost a year ago, the Voxpopcast team attempted to get you to see the inherent value of our …. questionable … entertainment choices in the episode we titled Bad Things We Love. We were perhaps a little Kantian in our notions of taste — at least at first. But the range of material we discussed (everything from Cop Rock to Godzilla to The Scarlet Pimpernel made for TV adaptation with the painfully British Ian McKellan as a French villain to Bob Dylan’s discography) left us questioning what it even means to be “bad.” And, frankly, I still don’t know. So we’re doing a sequel (because sequels are always better than the originals) to our original show. I am positive we absolutely will not solve what it means for a piece of entertainment to be bad. I am sure that we will reveal more of our favorite books, movies, television shows, games, and so on that we cannot simply call “good,” by any sort of universalized standard. And perhaps it’s the weird, the unintentionally hilarious, the overblown, the strangeness that makes these works so interesting to us. If nothing else, we can hopefully provide a list to keep you entertained because goodness knows we need entertainment.

So what “bad” things do you love anyway? And how do you know they’re … not good? How useful are these categories anyway? And how can we convince you to give our favorite underrated ways of being entertained a chance?

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