e108. Bad Things We Love

Way back on episode 86, our four hosts got together and talked about “Good Things We Hate” Hannah, Katya, Wayne and Mav discussed the idea of taste and high brow and low brow entertainment and talked about a selection of books, movies, TV shows, music and other media that is commonly accepted as great but that for whatever reason one or more of us happen to not care for it. Well, what about the opposite? On this episode all four hosts go through a list of media that is often considered “bad.” What are some things that we love, even though we know they are garbage? Are they guilty pleasures? Is that even a thing? Do we see redeeming value where other people miss it? Do we maybe just enjoy making fun of crappy stuff? From Tiger King to Cop Rock to Godzilla to Love is Blind, join us while we discuss some of the crappy media that is out in the world and explain why maybe you need to give it another chance.

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