e171. Summertime! Time to Kick Back and Unwind

Summertime! Episode artwork

Somehow, summertime media is special. Or at least, we seem to think it is. We have summertime blockbusters. We have summertime beach reads. We have summer TV specials and songs of the summer. It definitely FEELS like there is something that makes pop culture media “summery.” But we’re hard pressed to say exactly what it is. Is summertime a theme? Is it a setting? Is it a genre? Does summer media have to specifically mention or reference the summer or is there just a general feeling of what counts and doesn’t count? Is summertime just kind of a magical fleeting feeling that impossible to pin down and as ephemeral as summer itself? Is summertime just a general vibe? Honestly, we don’t know… but it wass bugging us enough that Hannah, Monica, Katya and Mav all got together to spend some time hashing it out. PLUS, we do that while also reviewing the new movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy, AND we talk about the most important story to come out of the Emmy’s. All that in under an hour! Definitely worth checking out! So listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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