e179. ImproveReality?

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Several weeks ago, we did a show on how stand-up comedy works in the middle of a pandemic. We talked about the transition that comedians went through to move a traditionally “in-person” art form to an entirely virtual environment. But what about other art forms? Lots of performances that at least seem to “require” a physical presence of some kind. What happens if you rethink that from the ground up? On today’s show, Monica and Mav are joined by improv comedy actress and director Cheryl Platz. Cheryl is directing Cupid on Mute, an improv series designed around a fictional reality dating show running on Twitch. Join us as we discuss the challenges she faced from both technical and creative standpoints. What does it take to make a fake reality show believable? What does it take to move an improv comedy series online? Is there a difference between improv and just being into role playing games? How do the skills of both translate into a career deigning video games? Yeah… that comes up too… somehow. Cheryl tells us about her experiences and we talk about what we can learn from both improv shows AND reality shows. Listen and let us know your thoughts on… uh… ImproveReality?

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