e157. Standup Comedy Sitting on the Couch

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Zoom meetings are are a simple fact of life in the pandemic lockdown world. Work meetings, school classrooms, social events. At this point, we’ve all done them. And quite honestly, we’re all sick of them. But as long as we’re trapped in the lockdown world, they’ve just become a reality. But what about jobs that don’t traditionally lend themselves to online adaptation. Some jobs are simply built around the idea of “going out.” Or they used to be! Take for instance standup comedy. The entire standup comedy industry was traditionally built around the idea that “this is entertainment for people when they go out.” So what happens when no one goes out anymore? All of the clubs, bars and other venues are shut down. How do we adapt? We certainly can’t just take that experience and put it in a Zoom room. Or can we?

On this week’s episode, Katya, Hannah and Mav are joined by standup comedians Jennifer “JenX” Mason and Niko Lukoff to talk about the ways they’ve had to adapt their acts and their methods to the post-Zoom world. How are the gigs different? How do you even find gigs? What is it like to do your comedy routine from your living room? How is performing to a webcam and an online chat different than being in a nightclub on an open mic? JenX and Niko tell us about comedian networking, the disadvantage and the advantages of Zoom comedy, why everyone should take a standup class and try an open mic, and how the adaptations that the comedy world has made for this unique moment in time might survive beyond the pandemic. Listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

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