e208. What Time Is It? It’s Bridgerton Time! (Again)

Episode artwork feature Bridgerton Season 2 Cast for the Bridgerton Time episode

Last year, we (like many people) were so overcome with the Netflix show Bridgerton that we recorded not one but two episodes about it. We weren’t the only ones. It was a runaway sensation. Well, it’s been a year and Bridgerton time has returned with slightly more fixed fanfare. Even this week’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has poked fun at the fact that there is significantly less sex this season. But what did we think about it? Well, obviously we binged the whole thing. So on this week’s episode, Hannah, Monica and Mav are joined by returning guest Nicole Freim to talk all about Bridgerton season 2! What worked? What didn’t? Where can the show go from here? And what do we feel about the cultural significance of what they’re trying to do with some of this season’s changes. Is it Bridgerton time for you as well? One way or the other, listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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