e151. Yet More Bridgerton! and other good things

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A few weeks ago when we did our Bridgerton recap show we found ourselves with way more to talk about than we could possibly fit in a single episode. That happens a lot, really. And as we often do, we said back then that we’d have to do another episode and discuss more Bridgerton. Well, it’s Hannah’s birthday, and apparently discussing more Bridgerton is basically her fondest wish. And it’s her birthday and she gets whatever she wants. Or at least that’s what she told us. In any case, Bridgerton is wonderful and we’re happy to oblige.

So, on this week’s episode, Hannah, Katya and Mav welcome back Nicole Freim and Sarah Presogna to continue our Bridgerton discussion. We talk about the racial diversity of the Bridgerton world, sexual and gender dynamics, the historic (and anachronistic) presentation, its geopolitical ideology both then and now, the popularity the show seems to have garnered outside of its demographic, its comparison to other period dramas including Hamilton and even superheroes, regency era birth control and the scientific accuracy of the show… yes that’s right, we said science! We told you there was a lot to talk about. Join us as we do our second deep dive into the Netflix sensation and let us know your thoughts (and wish Hannah a Happy Birthday) in the comments below.

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