e299. Things You Missed in 2023!

Happy New Year! If you listen to podcasts which you must if you’re listening to this, then you probably know by now that they way people end a year in their podcasts is typically to do a “best of the year” in whatever field or genre that they happen to cover. You’ve probably listened to lists of the best comics, the best movies, the best music, the best books, the best (or at least most notable) news items. Maybe if a show really wants to get fancy they’ll also do the worst of the year. But if you’ve listened to our show for a while then you may already know that that isn’t quite our style. So instead of the best or the worse we want to share with you… some “things you missed in 2023.” Are they the best things? Nope! Our favorite things? Not exactly. But they are undoubtedly… things. And you probably missed some or maybe even all of them! So on this episode Mav, Hannah, Monica, and Wayne get together to go over our annual list of “things you missed.” These are things that at least one of us enjoyed and we think you should check out when you have some spare time. Listen and let us know if any of our picks sound exciting or if you also want to check them out, or if you do check them out on our say so, let us know what you think in the comments!

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