e146. TV in the time of COVID-19

episode album art - broken TV and posters for shows visually affected by COVID

It’s been weird doing a show based around pop culture for the last year. A lot of that weirdness, of course, is because pop culture largely stopped for a bit. Then, it came back staggered as people released what remaining content they had sort of haphazardly. Now we’re getting to a new phase… we’re seeing media produced INSIDE of the pandemic. What is TV in the time of COVID-19?

On this week’s episode, Hannah, Katya and Mav invite back Mary Rogers Bell to talk about the changes to TV shows in COVID-19 outbreak have faced. What does TV look like now? Is it better when the shows write the pandemic into them or is it better to leave it out? Should TV be a record of our current cultural moment or should it be a fantasy land that we escape to? Will anyone want to ever watch this season of shows ever again or will we just want to forget it as soon as this is all over. Listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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