Call For Comments: So what should we say about WandaVision?

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From Mav: So obviously, we’re going to talk about WandaVision on Disney+ after the finale next week. We’ve mentioned it in passing a couple times, but not really deep dove into it. If you’ve heard our previous recap shows on movies like Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars and Avengers: Infinity War, as well as TV shows like Watchmen, Game of Thrones, Queen’s Gambit and recently Bridgerton, we don’t normally just talk about what we like and don’t like or compare to the source material or anything like that. We do some of that, but it’s not our main thing. The way we usually do our movie recap shows isn’t so much to just talk about what happens… we do a deep dive close read of themes and elements and… ummm… well, geeky school type stuff that we like to do on this show… you know… with drinking and swearing.

We’re loving the show of course. And we have lots that we want to talk about. But, we want to go all in on this one. So what I’m curious about here is what do you want to talk about. Knowing us, we’re definitely going to get into the idea of trauma, the idea of storytelling, the representations of gender within it. I’m sure there’ll be some thoughts about non-linear storytelling and the tropes within. We could probably spend an hour talking about the intertextual links to other media texts alone… both within the MCU, within the comics source material and all of the old sitcoms that it parodies. There will maybe be something about the psychology and philosophy of the show. There will probably be a reference or two to Riverdale or the Good Place.

Or maybe not! What do you want to hear? You tell us. What should we say about WandaVision? Let us know in the comments below.

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