e152. Obviously it’s the WandaVision Show

Episode artwork featuring characters from WandaVision and their comic counterparts

Somethings are inevitable and predictable. Water is wet, gravity pulls us down, and this show was going to have to talk about WandaVision. That was clear even before the series premiered. However, we didn’t know just how big a cultural phenomenon it would become. Who could have expected while reading the 1982 Bill Mantlo comic limited series Vision and Scarlet Witch, it’s 1985 Steve Englehart followup, or even Tom King’s critically acclaimed 2015 The Vision: Little Worse than a Man, Little Better than a Beast, that these characters would one day be the biggest show on television. But here we are. And yet, here we are. It’s 2021 and the world is all about WandaVision!

And as to be expected, so are we. This week the full crew of Mav, Wayne, Katya and Hannah welcome Tara Kearns, host of the There Was an Idea podcast to talk all things WandaVision. Join us as we analyze the show from a cultural and ideological point of view and talk about its successes and even what few failures it may have had. And then let use know if you agree in the comments below.

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