e166. So… What is the Male Gaze Anyway?

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Sometimes academic terms bleed over into the popular lexicon and gets used by people almost as second nature without anyone really bothering to think about what it means. “The Male Gaze”, is one of those terms. It gets used in both academic and popular pop culture criticism, but often without definition. There’s simply a vague understanding that everyone is on the same page. They’re probably not. Honestly, we’re as guilty of this as anyone. We’ve done several episode specifically referencing the male gaze, and many others where we talk about it in passing. We also have a few coming up that are going to build off of the theory. But we’ve never really defined it either. Well, on this episode we fix that. This week, Katya, Wayne and Mav get together to talk about how the original male gaze theory works, how it is used, what it is, and what it isn’t! And we’ll even talk about the ways in which it is extended and some of the problems with the theory. Think of this as a primer for the concept… a Male Gaze 101! So take a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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