e320. Adrenaline and Affection: Exploring the Action Romance Genre

What do you do if you’re in couple that was designed on an 80s sitcom so you have extremely traditional gender roles of a feminine partner who loves lovey dovey chick flicks and a masculine partner violent ‘splosiony dude movies. You go to an action romance of course! So it turns out that we don’t really subscribe very much to traditional gender roles (have you heard the show before?) but even still we have thoughts about the emergent genre. So, on this special double date episode, Hannah and Mav invite their partners Josh Stroud and Stephanie Siler to go to the movies! Well, or at least to come to podcast and spend the morning breaking down and dissecting the intricacies of the action romance genre.

On this episode we discuss everything from recent films like The Fall Guy, Ghosted, Jungle Cruise, and the Lost City to classics like Titanic, Baby Driver, Romancing the Stone and The Mummy to debate what qualifies as an action romance and examinine the impact of gender dynamics, societal norms, and commercial influences on genre classification. Listen then let us know your thoughts and what films we missed.

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