e144. So, It’s Been a Week! (1/3/21 – 1/9/21)

Episode Artwork: Insurrection of the United States Capitol, Donald Trump loses Twitter

We totally didn’t want to talk politics this week. And we certainly didn’t want to talk about the world being on fire. 2020 had enough of that. All we wanted to do this week was play our fun little box office game. Unfortunately, that went out the window the moment there was an attempted coup of the United States government. If you live on Earth, you’ve probably heard about the rioting and insurrection at the United States Capitol this week. If you listen to this show, then you’ve certainly got some serious opinions about it. Of course we do too! We couldn’t see ourselves putting it off a week to talk about movies that won’t be out for a while. Twitter kicked off the President! We predicted it! We can’t ignore that!

This week, Mav, Hannah and Katya welcome back Stephanie Siler to discuss the insurrection of the United States Government, what led to it, the ways in which Donald Trump incited it, and its aftermath. Will he be impeached? Regular listeners will know that here at VoxPopcast we certainly consider politics to be a part of culture. Politics form culture and culture forms politics. So really, this is about the most important pop culture story in the world this week. It’s been a hell of a week! So give it a listen and then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Michael DeLauzon
    @MichaelDeLauzo Trump signed the Insurrection Act at 12am Sunday.
    The Army will be doing the arrests, the Navy is watching the waters (so no private yachts or boats escape) & the Air Force is watching the skies so no private jets can take off or escape!

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