e197. Serialization II: Electric Boogaloo (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Franchise)

Episode artwork for Serialization II featuring covers to mark book, movie and TV series

Way back on episode 170 we did a show talking about Serialization. As is often the case on our show… we resolved nothing. But we did note that there was so much to talk about that the conversation needed to be continued on a future show. Well this is that show. It’s time for Serialization II! The sequel! Will we resolve anything this time? Or is this a cheap ploy to continue the gimmick of serialized episodes towards yet another episode. You’ll have tune in and find out!

Last time we focused on the history of serialization, its usages in literature and the ways in which advancements in technology and the forces of capitalism made it a viable form of publishing. On this week’s show, Mav and Hannah are joined by returning guests Nicole Freim and Michael Hancock to talk how serialization affects popular culture. Why do we enjoy serialized media and what causes us to invest in it enough to follow a franchise for long periods of time in movies, books, comics, tv and video games? Can serialization have unintended negative effects on the audience beyond just taking their money? Listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. @chrismaverick @PersonofCon @nfreim @HannahLeeRogers I’m listening now, Will serialization going to be… https://t.co/Tw5U5LgbiY

  2. As far as investment, of course that matters. A movie I paid $6 to see has a lower bar than 1 I’m dropping $18 on. It’s harder for me to invest in somethings like Indie Wrestling because I know how much investment they require. I don’t have enough time to just watch shows

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