e156. More Bad Things? We Love

Episode artwork for things we love

Last year, all four hosts got together and did a show we called “Bad Things We Love” in which we built a list media that we have some kind of affection for despite our realization that it may not actually be very good. Mav and Hannah thought it’d be fun to do a sequel to that show and come up with a list of more. But… Katya and Wayne went rogue! They rejected the question and argued that “things we love” are inherently good. So on today’s episode we discuss… ummm… well, the nature of loving things. What does it even mean to enjoy (or hate) media? What does it mean to be good or bad? Is it subjective or is there more to it? Can we ever really love a thing? Is it even possible to hate one? Why do these questions matter? On this week’s episode, we get metaphysical and we discuss the nature of… things. Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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